"Black Serpent" is set in Northern California, and opens with a scene showing blood-thirsty pirates taking over a fortune in gold that's being transported by coastwise schooner (from mines farther up the coast) to San Francisco. The bad guys are renegade Indians, Russians, Mexicanos and whites (all true), members of a bloodthirsty and terror- instilling group called Sociedad Serpientes.

Jump to 2005, and a Learjet en route to Cairo. The crew detours to try to save three Americans trapped in a dry lakebed in Chad. (Flying adventure scenes).

These bad guys are Hizballah (aka Hezbollah, Party of God, Islamic Jihad), "martyrs like a swarm of bees" who are being smuggled into America by the Sociedad.

The primary good guy is, as usual, Link Anderson -- whose two closest friends are kidnapped by the Serpientes in a chemical attack on the Weyland Foundation.

Tom Wilson is a brilliant storyteller.
--Larry Bond

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