"Wilson joins the top rank of military novelists..."
--W.E.B. Griffin

"Brand new military suspence from a brilliant storyteller..."
--Larry Bond

"Tom Wilson has been called every bit as good as Coonts, Brown, and Clancy..."
--U.S.A.F Colonel Glenn Davis

Tom Wilson is a brilliant storyteller. This is how it was...
--Larry Bond

Author Tom "Bear" Wilson is the real thing --
a highly decorated Air Force officer who's accrued
3,000 flying hours, primarily in fighters

Tom "Bear" Wilson was a career United States Air Force Officer with 3000 hours of flying time, mostly in fighters. During his 500 hours of combat flying, he earned four Silver Star Medals for gallantry and three Distinguished Flying Crosses for heroism. He also served in various roles as instructor, flight examiner, tactician, staff officer, and unit commander. After leaving the military, Wilson enjoyed diverse careers, including: private investigator, gunsmith, newspaper publisher, and manager of advanced programs for a high-tech company in Silicon Valley. Mr. Wilson resides in Texas and has recently completed his ninth novel, Black Serpent.

Tom "BEAR" Wilson
The Big Thicket country of Texas, USA
E-MAIL: Bear@Wilson.org